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The Seaweed Health Foundation

The Seaweed Health Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation governed by its Memorandum & Articles, Constitution and Core Purposes, administered by the Seagreens Trust.

Through its website, events and services, the Foundation aims to assist those producing, consuming, selling and researching certified seaweed for food and health.

Through research, standards and information, the Foundation increases public understanding of nutritious food seaweed as a healthy daily food and its uses in nutritional medicine.

It provides a forum and a catalyst for applied research, works closely with other interested organisations, institutions and individuals, and disseminates information to Friends, the media and the public.

Income is derived from subscriptions, certification, consulting services, publications, merchandise and donations.

The Foundation was set up in the public interest in 2010 by S. B. Ranger, a pioneering producer of human food seaweed in Norway from 1997 and in Scotland from 2009 under the name Seagreens®, one of Europe’s leading seaweed brands.

Annual Conference

The Foundation hosts a fairly informal conference each year, bringing together the Trustees, Executive Director and Friends, allied organisations and invited members of the public and media. The past year and core purposes are reviewed; future projects discussed; awards made and Fellows elected.

The Annual Conference has been held since 2011, initially at the Natural History Museum in London at the kind invitation of the British Phycological Society, and Edinburgh since 2012 at the kind invitation of the Royal Botanic Garden.

Core Purposes

© Copyright 2016 Seaweed Health Foundation. All rights reserved.


© Copyright 2016 Seaweed Health Foundation. All rights reserved.

The People


The Foundation is managed by its Executive Director, appointed by the Trustees and assisted by a team of volunteer Friends.



The Foundation is administered by the Seagreens Trust, whose Trustees are the directors of the Foundation (a company limited by guarantee) which owns its own assets, issues no shares or profits, and can neither be sold nor acquired. The Trustees must uphold and act independently in accordance with the Foundation’s Core Purposes and Constitution which includes its Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Executive Director

The Executie Director is appoointed by the Trustees assisted by paid or volunteer help on a project by project basis.

Advisory Group

Members of the Advisory group advise the Foundation on specific matters arising in production, markets, regulation and research.

Their contribution is normally made without charge and is very greatly appreciated. From time to time they are asked to conduct projects for the Foundation or Friends on a consultancy basis.



Fellowship of the Seaweed Health Foundation is made in recognition of a consistent and outstanding contribution to the Foundation’s core purposes, in particular the development of nutritious food seaweed, of special merit or over an extended period. Fellows are elected by the Trustees and announced at the Annual Conference.


Friends of the Foundation

Friends of the Foundation are individuals, businesses and organisations connected with or interested in the production, consumption and health benefits of nutritious food seaweed.

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