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Monday 5 February 2018

The magazine of Integrative Health and Applied Nutrition reports (February 2018) that salt can produce dementia even when there is no rise in blood pressure - a surprising new research finding published in Nature Neuroscience journal.

Certain seaweeds which contain all the minerals are a well-balanced source of all the nutrient groups. They have also been shown to be a balancing antidote to excess sodium• and to enhance flavour.

The Wrack seaweeds such as Bladder, Spiralled, Serrated, Channelled, and Oak or Knotted Wrack and are the best examples, because their composition has been comprehensively studied and their food safety established (Seagreens Ltd, 2012).

A salt and seaweed blend could be just the thing to start reducing your daily intake of sodium chloride without losing the salty flavour. Try Seagreens® 'The Mineral Salt', available in good health stores or by mail order from Oceans of Goodness

*Yamori, Y. et al., 1986. Journal of Hypertension, Vol. 4(3): S449-452.