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The Foundation offers a variety of resources to Friends, researchers, writers and broadcasters in a variety of media. If you cannot find what you are looking for or need advice, please contact the Administration Office.


Pelvetia Babies at Steinsland, Outer Skerry, nr. Bergen, Norway, 2018

Pelvetia Babies at Steinsland, Outer Skerry, nr. Bergen, Norway, 2018 © Thorkil Degn Johansson

At the 2015 Seaweed Health Foundation Exhibition

At the 2015 Seaweed Health Foundation Exhibition

BBC Radio 4 Food Programme Jan 2014

Sheila Dillon revisits the inspirational caterers from the very first BBC Food & Farming Awards.They share stories of cooking for people with cancer, HIV and mental illness.

Sheila finds out how the work has changed in the last decade and a half. In the case of the Bristol Cancer Care Centre (now called Penny Brohn Cancer Care) work on food and nutrition considered radical and alternative back in 2000 has now received wider acceptance and a place within the NHS.

The Cancer Care centre make specific reference to their use of Seagreens in providing an easy and convenient way to add “a little bit of everything you need” to the daily diet.

Europe's Vegetable of the Future

An inspiring video about the future of seaweed by Henner Thies.

Henner, a post graduate from Munich, has studied some of the trends in the developing seaweed industry.

He interviews people involved including some of our small, artisan producers such as The Cornish Seaweed Company and larger scale harvesters like Clearspring and Seagreens, set against a backdrop of academic interest in potential futures like biofuel and artificial production.


The Seaweed Health Foundation Constitution, setting out the Foundation's core purposes. To promote the foundation of health through balance in all aspects of life.