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I am particularly interested in international business and human culture 'pro bono' - for the good. From 1983 I established an international advertising agency and brand consultancy in London called International Partnership®, which distinguished itself for Export Achievement and won creative awards in London, New York and Stockholm. In 1997 I began to create the Seagreens® brand through an Anglo-Scandinavian joint venture where we set a new standard in the production of nutritious food seaweed in Europe for healthcare and food industry applications. We developed joint ventures in Norway and Scotland and through 'brand partnerships' with our customers, we now sell Seagreens® in over 12 countries to many excellent brands including in the UK Pukka Herbs, Waitrose, and Viridian. In the USA we work with International Nutrition between Philadelphia and Washington DC. Alongside these commercial activities, in 1990 I set up Probono, an international organisation to improve human relations in and between corporate cultures. As a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts I was a member of the seed group of the Tomorrow's Company project which helped foster corporate social responsibility. In 2010 I set up the Seaweed Health Foundation. I live in West Sussex, England where I am doing my best to restore an Edwardian estate for biodynamic horticulture, natural bee-keeping and as a haven of peace for myself and others!

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All aspects of brand, product and business development with the emphasis on organic, natural growth with minimal borrowing. I try to be a thoughtful discussion partner.

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I have consulted to many different companies in Europe and the USA over a period of 20 years. A senior executive at Data General kindly said: "I have constantly been surprised and excited by the breadth and combination of skills he is able to bring to bear on problem-solving situations. He achieves uniqueness by managing and understanding business solutions in the context of complex human interaction and relationships which are critical to business success. He has unequivocally demonstrated that, all too often, business pressures obscure and obstruct the respect for personal relationships which is the bedrock of both business and personal achievement. Many people pay lip sevice to this sentiment but few understand or commit to it. Simon is one of the very few who have it in the heart and mind".

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