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The reason I call myself a Lover of Seaweed is daily digestion of it for 15 years has entirely renewed my body, mind and soul.

Physically, mentally and spiritually Seaweed has helped me overcome several 'noncureable' diseases and have put me in a situation with a biological age of 35 rather than the 62 years old I am by now 2020.

My skills are that I know all about personal harvesting/foraging of the commonly used Seaweeds and how to handle the preservation and storage of it.

I am a trained Chef and know a lot about how to cook with Seaweeds in all kinds of food.

Skills and Services

I can give lectures on the topic why Seaweed is the 'Fountain of Youth'.

I can give good advice to people wanting to harvest their own Seaweed.

I can give good inspiration to people wanting to integrate Seaweeds in their own daily cooking and even how it can be added with success to ready made Food.

Who & how I can help

With my Love & enthusiasm for Seaweed I can open the Heart in people for the facts Seaweeds have such a Smorgasbord of Goodies to offer mankind.

I can help people to become familiar with the noble art of foraging for commonly used seaweeds.

I can offer good inspiration to people wanting to enter the Universe of cooking with the Seaweeds ♥

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Mr Thorkil Degn Johansson
Solvej 7, 2. Floor